Belk, Inc. Housekeeper Part Time Mornings in Beaufort, South Carolina

Housekeeper Part Time Mornings

Beaufort, SC, United States

Job Id#: 20631

Date published: 12-Mar-2018

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Position Summary:

Position Summary

The Housekeeper is responsible for the cleanliness of the facility specifically the restrooms, associate lounge, and office areas. The Housekeeper position is non-exempt.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

Essential Functions


  • Clean the toilets and sinks and other fixtures daily and as needed using facility supplies

  • Mop the floors in the restrooms daily and as needed

  • Empty all trash within the restrooms as needed

  • Restock toilet paper, paper towels, seat cushions, feminine products, and hand soap as needed

Associate Lounge

  • Clean microwaves, coffee pots, and other appliances and utensils daily and as needed

  • Clean tables and counter tops in the associate lounge daily and as needed

  • Clean out refrigerators once a week

  • Mop the associate lounge as needed

  • Restock paper towels and hand soap in the associate lounge as needed

Offices & Common Areas

  • Vacuum office areas on 1st and 2nd floor as well as in the ticket office daily or as needed

  • Communicate any broken or damaged equipment at once to Supervisor

  • Communicate to the Operations/Pool Stock Manager when supplies are getting low

  • Correct and/or report hazardous situations to Supervisor

  • Be responsible for securing the keys when shift is over


Position Requirements

Education & Experience

  • Ability to read and understand English

  • Ability to work without supervision

  • Ability to read and adhere to all policy and procedure manuals


  • Ability to lift an average of 50 lbs.

  • Must be able to move freely throughout the distribution facility

For reasonable accommodation information for an ADAAA qualified disability please see Belk Associate Handbook for policy and procedures.

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